Our mission

Code Hawk Camp works to provide the students of South Central Los Angeles with enrichment opportunities outside of school in combination with learning opportunities within school to equip them with the skills necessary to become producers and transformative leaders.


Through innovation and persistence, we want to challenge the inequities in systems and replace them with equitable and sustainable solutions. Our students require more than a change in curriculum, they need to be provided with opportunities and access to enrichment programs that will decrease the gap between students that typically enter the field of computer science and those that are denied learning opportunities that prevents them from doing so. Code Hawk Camp was created out of a recognition that our students deserve access to these kinds of enrichment programs. We hope to empower students to become producers and not just passive consumers. We know our students have a unique voice and we feel passionate about creating opportunities and spaces for them to be heard. We believe that providing our students with communication, design and programming skills is the first step towards realizing our vision of turning them into producers and transformative leaders of their community.

Who we are


Nancy Se

Science Teacher at the Critical Design and Gaming School and Code.org Facilitator


Jordan Saxonberg

Principal Software Engineer at Symantec


Emma Cunningham

Senior Software Engineer at Second Spectrum

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